Student Competitions

Do competitions encourage a student to overcome obstacles and grow? Yes and Yes! Attending a STEM comeptition help kits develop teamwork skills? Yes! Do competition teams foster friendships and open the door to new career opportunities? Yes!  If your children claim to be bored this spring - then consider this and they can have a look at this list of competitions for students. Why competitions? They offer a chance to travel, learn something new, demonstrate your problem solving skills, make a friend and have fun in the process.




Spring Challenge 2024

Summer Challenge 2024

Spring Challenge 2025

Summer Challenge 2025





Purple Comet

Gauss Mathematics
Caribou Mathematics

Canadian Mathematics

Mathematic Centrum 

Math is Cool High School

CEMC Pascal Gr 7

CEMC - Fryer Gr 9

CEMC - Hypatia Gr 11

CEMC - Euclid Gr 12

CEMC - Senior Gr 9 to 12

Beestar National Competition

CMO Canadian Math Olympiad

Alberta High School Math Comp.

Canadian Open Math Challenge

CKSTEM Math Summer Competition

Canadian Math League Competition

Canadian Math Society Jay Comp.

Asian Pacific Math Olympiad (APMO)

American Mathematics Competition

Association Mathématique du Québec





Project Tech Conferences

LinkedKey Computer Contest

Beaver Computing Challenge 

Technovation Girls Challenge

The ECOO Programming Contest

Canadian Computing Competition





Hack The North

Calgary Hacks

Hack The Hill 2024

Seneca Hackathon

MLH Hackathons and Competitions

Thesis in 3 minutes or less

Science Spark (U Manitoba)

Build - Design Challenge

Ontario Tech University Comp





Grand Pacific Open 

ISP Chess Tournament

Keres Memorial Chess Tournament 






Youth Science (Govt)

MyStemSpace (Govt)

Sanofi Biogenius Canada

Destination Imagination

Think MIT Competition (Intl)

Science Fair Finder (Canada)
Think MIT Competition (Intl)

Canadian Chemistry Contest 

Expo-Science Hydro-Québec

Science Fair Finder (Canada)

Science Fair Team Canada (Intl)

Regeneron Science Talent Search

Canada-Wide Science Fair (2024)





Genes in Space

Solar Car Challenge

Aerial Drone Competition

ArcGIS Online Competition





IEEE Challenge


Physics Bowl

Physics Brawl

Davidson Fellows

Ladder Internships

Sir Isaac Newton Exam

Ashrae Competition

SAE Competition

National Science Bowl

Breakthrough Junior Challenge

Lumiere Research Scholarship

Geotechnical Society Comp

Canadian Society for Civil Eng

UofT CAP Prep - Physics Outreach

International Physics Olympiad (IPhO)

Physics Unlimited Premier Competition
Canadian Physics Society Competition

UBC Physics CAP Prep / Astrophysics Outreach

Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP) Competition

International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF)





AIX Prize

AI Hacks




Zindi Africa


Data Hack

Turing Award

AAAI Award

Machine Hack

AI Fellowship Project

Hutter Prize (Cash)

Botball Challenge

Machine Learning Contest List

ACM Prize for Computing (AI)
Deutscher KI (AI) Prize (German)

Basic Machine Intelligence Competition

U of T Big Data AI Competition

World Youth AI Competition

Intel AI Impact Competiton

VEX AI Student Competition

OpenCV (Computer Vision) AI

Numer AI Competition

Kaggle Competition

BitGrits Bird Classification Challenge

BitGrit (annnual competitions)
Trojan Detection Challenge

Stanford AI Challenge

Corporate Vision AI



TopCoder Challenges

Driven Data Competitions

Top Coder Challenger for ML

Imagine Cup - Microsoft (Junior)

World AI Competition for Youth (WAICY)

Robot Air Hockey Challenge

Google Solutions Challenge 2024

Aerial Robotics Competition

Autonomous Robots Competition

RoboCup for AI Soccer Robots

Centre for Automated Deduction Award

AIcrowd’s Melting Pot Challenge at NeurIPS 2023
Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair





Robocube UK

Robomasters US


MakeX Robotics

Eurobot Competition

Autonomous Labs

STRIPE Competition

FIRST Lego League

Soft Robotics Comp

Wiki List - FIRST Themes

FIRST Tech Challenge

FIRST - Robotics Competition

VEX Robotics Event

NIST - Robotics Comp

VEX - Lockheed Martin Event
Guide to Robotics Competitions

Make Wonder Robots

Oxford University Robotics Comp

UNB - ECE Robotics Comp

Machine Learning Robot Comp

Institute for Competition - Robotics

Hawkesbury Ecole Nouvel-Horizon

Book - Robotics for Competitions

Research Paper - MARC Competition

How to Build a Prize Winning Robot

Tough Robotics Challenge JP

U Colorado Robot Challenge

Regional Schools Compete

Caution Tape (VEX) Canada

Nova Scotia Robotics Comp

Sault Ste Marie College Comp

ISRO Competition (India)

Natural Robotics Comp (UK)

Drone Competitions

Aerial Evolution Association (Drone AI)

UAARG Competition Drones

MultiGP Drone League of Canada

UAS Competitions for Drones

Aerial Drone Competition iDesigns

Carleton U Blackbird Drone Team

U of Victoria Drone Team





Next Canada 

Startup Canada

New Ventures BC

Innovation Factory


Lion’s Lair Startup Competitions

U of Toronto Pitch Competition

Dragons Den Pitch Audition Toronto

CEED (U of Ottawa)





Competitions for Students (1000s)

Nationa Student Paper Comp



How STEM Benefits Youth

- Hands-on learning: Stem camps provide participants with the opportunity to engage in hands-on activities and experiments, allowing them to learn by doing and gain practical experience in their chosen field.


 - Skill development: Stem camps focus on helping participants develop a wide range of skills, including problem-solving, critical thinking, teamwork, and communication.


- Expert instructors: Camps often feature experienced and knowledgeable instructors who are passionate about their subject matter and can provide valuable guidance and support to campers.


- Interdisciplinary approach: Stem camps encourage participants to explore connections between various scientific and technological disciplines, fostering a holistic understanding of the world around them.


- Innovative projects: Campers are encouraged to work on innovative and creative projects, often leading to the development of new ideas and solutions to real-world problems.


- Engaging curriculum: The curriculum at stem camps is designed to be engaging and dynamic, ensuring that participants remain interested and motivated throughout their time at the camp.


- Collaborative environment: Stem camps promote a collaborative atmosphere, where participants work together to solve problems and learn from one another.


- Access to cutting-edge technology: Camps often provide campers with access to advanced technological equipment and software, allowing them to gain experience using the latest tools and technologies.


- Field trips and guest speakers: Stem camps often organize field trips and invite guest speakers to share their expertise and experiences, providing participants with a broader understanding of their chosen field.


- Fun and challenging activities: Stem camps are designed to be both enjoyable and challenging, ensuring that participants have a memorable and rewarding experience.


- Personalized learning: Camps often offer personalized learning experiences, tailored to the individual needs and interests of each participant.


- Outdoor exploration: Many stem camps incorporate outdoor activities and field trips, allowing participants to explore and learn about the natural world while applying their STEM knowledge.


- Confidence building: Stem camps can help participants build confidence in their abilities, as they gain experience and master new skills.


- Networking opportunities: Camps provide opportunities for participants to network with like-minded individuals, forming connections that can last a lifetime.


- Summer enrichment: Stem camps are an excellent way for students to enrich their summer experience, providing them with a unique and memorable educational opportunity.


- Preparation for future careers: Stem camps can help participants explore potential career paths and develop the skills necessary for success in STEM-related fields.


- Lifelong learning: The skills and experiences gained at stem camps can have a lasting impact on participants, inspiring a lifelong love of learning and curiosity about the world.


- Community involvement: Many stem camps involve participants in community projects and initiatives, allowing them to give back to their community while gaining valuable experience.


- Fun and engaging atmosphere: Stem camps are designed to be engaging and enjoyable, ensuring that participants have a fun and memorable experience while learning new skills.


- A safe and supportive environment: Camps provide a nurturing and supportive environment where participants feel encouraged to explore, learn, and grow.


In conclusion, 8AAT STEM camps offer a unique and valuable educational experience, combining hands-on learning, skill development, and a focus on interdisciplinary collaboration. By participating in stem camps, young people can gain a deeper understanding of the world around them and develop the skills necessary for success in future STEM-related careers.


STEM Camp is a good idea!